Gone visiting

Beauty Box, Kirsten Jones 2008

Beauty Box, Kirsten Jones 2008

It wasn’t really a visiting day in the sense of popping by but more of a day of collecting more work for the  Affordable Art Fair.

First stop, Kirsten Jones.

Kirsten Jones in her studio

Kirsten Jones in her studio

Here is a little bit about her work “Kirsten Jones paints collections of objects, imaginary gardens and quirky arrangements of  treasured possessions such as shoes, clothing, crockery and observed still life.  Using layered fragments of maps, dictionary references and stamps from around the world she creates a beautiful, subtle narrative of secret histories, which evoke a memory or sense of place which relates to the objects depicted.”

washing line, Kirsten Jones 2008

The Washing Line

This series of paintings is based on a walk through the streets of Downalong in St Ives. Outside one of the fisherman’s cottages was a washing line hung with every type of garment.. all shapes and sizes (shoes and all!). It was as if a very big wave had unexpectedly soaked a whole family. The image seemed to capture the essence of holidays by the beach. This idea continued following a trip to New York in 2008, and Kirsten began painting a series of pieces exploring ideas around fashion.

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