The little things that make us

It’s been a little while since we have updated anything on here but it has been lovely in between that time to receive comments on here and emails. It’s not that we haven’t anything to say because we always do but it is that we have been caught up doing many things. Those things will be updated on here shortly so you can see what we are up too.

Working across the community means that we get to share great things and sometimes we are given little treats like colds from the people we work with so we have had a few weeks of work rotation as we have all been through the illness cycle so that means if you came to a workshop expecting Jo you may have met Ella, or when you were expecting Sarah you may have been with Suzanne but that is one thing about the way we are. We all bring our own skills to the jelly party, learn from each other and are all pretty much capable of working together to do the best that we can.

We will add extra pages to this temporary site soon so you can find out a little more about all of us who are here now and information about some of the jellies that have been before, some of who you will recognise from posts below.

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