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Love Art

jelly has been one of the guardians of a temporary exhibition space in Reading Town Centre which will close its doors for the last time on 1st March 2009. The space known as Gallery 10, next door to The Purple Turtle has has shown work by over a 100 local artists since July 2008 when Zoe Funge-Smith (Rogues Gallery) and Suzanne Stallard (jelly) took it over. It was set up in the spirit of generosity from the owners Greg Muden, Danny Fraifield and Steve Tait and is the sort of place that thrives when recession looms. It has restored faith locally that there is some stunning work happening, an opportunity for artists to inhabit a space, respond to it and a rare chance for visitors to experience it.

Current exhibition: DEEP FILLED, Gallery 10, 10 Gun Street, Tues – Sun 11am – 6pm. until 8th Feb. Contemporary Photography Drawing and Sculpture. An exhibition exploring autobiographical and fictionalised narratives by artists Pam Brabants, Emma Jane Hood, Karen Laycock and Martin Robinson.

The last show: LOVE IS AWESOME is a mischievous, offbeat celebration of the awesomeness of love. Featuring Relics of an Awesome Love knitted in stone-like yarn by Rachael Matthews, an informative Love documentary (Love-U-Mentary) by performance artist Stavroula Kounadea, various, completed Love Assignments from Felicity Ford and assorted works by Emmylou Laird, the show will help you to consider for yourself the proposition that LOVE IS AWESOME. LOVE IS AWESOME promises to be a surprising antidote to the asinine syrup of Valentine’s day and a marvellous tonic for the heart. Love is Awesome opens for cake and wine on February 14th at 6pm, and continues until February 28th.

jelly loves creativity being at the centre of everything we do and we are looking for new partners or opportunities.

If you are interested in working with us, have an empty space that needs some love or just want to find out more please contact Suzanne Stallard, suzanne[at]

Love is Awesome, designed by Felicity Ford

Love is Awesome, designed by Felicity Ford

For more information on the Reading Arts Scene, visit hang-on artists blog

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