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So we have been back a week and are into our normal term time programme -normal is a random way of describing the activity that happens here, there is never anything that quantifies as a normal week. When people ask what we do, it is hard to say in words exactly as it changes daily, weekly, monthly but we are always working towards a common goal: making good art and being involved in creative activities are just two of what we aim to do. The real official line is here if you really want to know.

We are all passionate about what we do, and in the next year we will slowly be adding extra bits on here about us as individuals, what our art practice is, why we do what we do and how we came to be involved in jelly.

Whilst we are writing that, delivering projects, activities and exhibiting we also have our fingers in other pies ~ we started by using empty shops in the last recession and we are completely embracing the Government initiative to keep the High Street live during the current economic climate. This Friday we will be looking at a new building for a six month home – this will house the new version of Gallery 10 plus we are working on two other temporary spaces which we hope to use on our Artist for the Day project – details will be announced soon, but mark out the last Friday in May for that day.

The studios are moving along and next week some of us will be going on a visit, taking pictures and signing off the flooring – much happens unseen here and the best part of when we update on this site is that we can keep you all up to date.

The other news in jelly’s life is that the Chatham Place project has been put on hold, ‘due to radical changes in the economic climate and outlook, the jelly Directors reappraised the viability of the plans for occupation at Chatham Place, to include gallery, education and network space and have decided that it is no longer viable. The deferring of Phase 2 of the Chatham Place Development due to economic uncertainty has identified challenges for jelly’s future sustainability with lower than anticipated footfalls in this location for the foreseeable future.

The jelly team have been prudent in constantly responding and reviewing the business model since their initial discussions in 2006 and felt that jelly’s focus would become steered towards delivering profits to meet rent commitments, in an environment when gallery income is expected to remain subdued, at the expense of delivering our artistic aspirations and education programme.

This has been discussed in detail with MUSE Developments who have been forced to review their aspirations and the level of financial support available, alongside The Arts Council funding, to facilitate jelly’s relocation to a fully fitted-out unit at Chatham Place due to the sharp property downturn.

The net result is, with much regret from both parties, that we are unable to conclude a deal at present. We are pleased to announce that we will continue to have a dialogue with MUSE who remain supportive of our efforts.’

This decision in the current climate is a positive step for jelly and reinforces the sound business background to our creative lives. We will still be creative, in many places and we are running towards many more opportuities in the immediate future with one eye on our long term ambitions.

All is good in the jelly world

something you don't see, the jelly office. Photo by Sarah Kench

something you don't see, the jelly office. Photo by Sarah Kench

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