The Summer is here and it’s raining…

We had so much sunshine lately when we have been working in schools and today as nearly all the schools in the area have finally broken up it has been raining almost all day.

We are getting ready for the Summer Workshop Programme and also starting to slowly put things in our online shop, just in case you can’t make it to see us.

Rosie Flo's Holiday

Rosie Flo's Holiday

You can view more of the Rosie Flo’s and Johnny Joe’s books here.

Johnny Joe's Time Travel

Johnny Joe's Time Travel

They are drawing books with a difference, all you need to do is add the heads, arms and legs!

Rosie Flo's example page

Rosie Flo's example page

It’s slow work, updating the little shop as we are working with independent designers and makers and taking our time to make sure we find the most lovely things.

soapylove soapsicles

soapylove soapsicles

Like these delicious soapsicles…mmmmmm

psst, sorry you can’t actually eat them…

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