Let Me Ease Your Day

The summer has gone by (well, we think it has but the sky is still blue outside this window) and we have finished our Summer Holiday programme and are now in to our term time activities. Those activities are not the only things that happen around here, the jelly is also host to other groups and activities led by professional artists and makers including The Voice Studio, arjeea21, hang-on artists and the outcasts. With the outcasts, we spent last weekend in London in the Knit Lounge at IKnit London (you may notice the knitting evening class here and the childrens class here too).

We’re still trying to find new homes, a gallery space and a more secure home for us – jelly has been around for 16 years now and was created during a period of economic uncertainty so we are more than equipped to survive and thrive now. So there are no quiet days here at all, between talking to people about potential homes, running classes, working with other artists and arts organisations, promoting the creativity in town and this Sunday you can join us in a project that is on tour from Belfast and then moves on to L.A and Chicago – yes all those places in one sentence.

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

The wonderful fibre activist Rockpool Candy appears in the most unusual places, creating pop-up installations and interventions in venues as diverse as swish galleries and very public streets. Her brand of activism leads her to arm-crochet giant bacteria, weave on neolithic looms in orchards and sculpt textile coral reefs.

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

With her new fibre movement, Let Me Ease Your Day, she’s encouraging people to reconnect with the textiles in their lives and then gift them on to strangers in random acts of kindness in these cash-strapped times.
On Sunday, she will be working alongside the jelly to take over Market Place, Reading from 11am-3pm and will be welcoming the public to create beanie hats and cushions to then gift them on. Come along and join us, you’ll recognise us sitting on the deckchairs, enjoying meeting new friends and creating a different feeling in town for the day.

See you Sunday

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

Let Me Ease Your Day, Belfast

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