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New beginnings

We have been meaning to write here to keep you updated with what is happening but February came and went with saying goodbye, packing up and moving things to storage… the last pieces of furniture were moved into storage just over a week ago and nearly all the boxes are unpacked in our new home. Like always this is a temporary home but then we remember that jelly started in 1993 in a temporary home and here we are in our 17th year.

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, left comments on the blog, twitter, Facebook, came and spoke to us in person and reminded us of all the good things. We really enjoyed our last few days at The Town Hall (even though they were tinged with sadness), we got a chance to make some things with friends, old and new. Thank you.

The best days were the Open House days with jelly team and people popping in and out.

open house at jelly

open house at jelly

The great news is that we have a new office in town, it’s much bigger than your average office and it’s a space that allows us to develop what we ware doing, work with other organisations and individuals and have time to think.  We have this space for a year and we think of it as the Art Pad, it’s the top floor at 42 Market Place and is a large space that all sorts of things will be happening in (we will keep telling you about it here).

Art Pad

Numerous good things have been happening, we got this great space, we have 4 exhibitions happening in town right now, we have a grant to allow us to continue our Open for Art project for a whole year, Suzanne (jelly Director) was invited guest to a meeting with Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson about safer communities and also invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts all on the same day. We have been working this weekend at Blagrave Nursery for their Open Day and we are counting down the days until we are at the inaugural Reading Contemporary Art Fair.

Until we are there, you will be able to find us on Broad Street, Reading running workshops in partnership with the Reading Contemporary Art Fair on Saturday 27 March 12-4, changing over some of the exhibitions and finally getting round to updating the artists info on here.

So it feels like normal service has resumed for us. If you want to take part in the Open for Art project, follow the link. The project is Borough wide.


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