early start

We’re just about to leave to start installing our stand at the first ever Reading Contemporary Art Fair.

Here’s a little sneak preview….

Jo Quinn, Victorian Chair, framed £160

Kate Kessling, All Things Bright edition 12 - available no's 5,9,12 Framed 94 x 118cm £495.00 - collection from gallery or via courier Unframed Print 60 x 84cm £320 p&p included

Jo Quinn, Queen Anne framed £160

Kate Kessling, Forty Crocuses edition 12 - available no's 1 -12 Unframed Print 43 cm x 60 cm £165.00 p&p included


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7 responses to “early start

  1. What when and where tonight? I must totally come! x

  2. very best of luck with the show, Suzanne!

  3. (M)artina Binding

    Looks good, especially as I started to believe that all art had to be in white or monochrome (boring) Enjoy colour embrace life!
    When where exactly?

  4. alabamawhirly

    Rivermead, 6-9pm tonight!
    then 10-5 tomorrow and Sunday

  5. alabamawhirly

    Thanks Pip x

  6. alabamawhirly

    Hi Martina – tonight at Rivermead from 6-9, then all weekend 10-5

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