Jo Quinn

Your name: Jo Quinn



Training background: fine art degree, work as a freelance illustrator and printmaker

Art Form: printmaking and painting

What you do at jelly: I run the pre-school workshops and also do some outreach ones in the community

What you like about jelly: letting the children have fun making painterly gluey glittery creations

How long you have been involved: 10 years on and off between babies

How come you became involved: I started exhibiting, made friends, joined the gang…

One response to “Jo Quinn

  1. Dear Jo Quinn,
    I’m a year 11 that goes to prospect school. I am taking the Diploma- Creative & Media course as a subject and as a part of it me and my classmates have to create a festival in November, to do with creative Arts. I am really interested in the type of work you do and It would be great if you could teach some year 7’s how to make creations like yours.

    Thanks for your time

    P.S. please can you reply as soon as possible

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