The Rising Sun Arts Centre – The Gherkin Fish Tank

The Rising Sun Arts Centre

Gherkin Fish Bike

The Gherkin Fish Tank, three man bicycle, was invented by one of the Rising Sun’s carnival artists, Martin West, who led a small team of dedicated volunteers to help him to build it and add their creativity to the project.

Originally designed for the West Reading Community Carnival in 2009, the idea behind the bike is about global warming and potential flooding. A combination of three different bicycles dissected and reassembled, welded together with other useful bits and pieces. The automata connected to the central bike gives the fish motion so they ‘swim’ around inside the dome when the bike is cycled.

The Rising Sun Arts Centre is a registered charity and run predominantly by a large team of volunteers. Our aim is to make the centre a cultural meeting point and create a place where people can come together and creativity can flourish. A diverse programme of events happen at the Arts Centre all year, click on our website to see more information about us and our past and future events. Come along and get involved. We are currently in need of financial help to keep us going so please come along to our fundraising events to support us.

photos by Neile Wright

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