Studios and support for artists

these will be studios

these will be studios

In late 2009 this building will be home to the new jelly studios, they may not look like they are light, secure and a thriving creative space but they will be.

The studios will house 8-10 artists and we are looking for a mix of artists. The spaces will be affordable and aimed at mid career artists with a limited number of spaces available for emerging artists with opportunities including professional development and exhibition opportunities on site and at the gallery. We hope that this programme will also include talks, seminars, workshops and events for non-studio holders.

At the moment we are not taking applications but from Summer 2009 you will be able to download an application form here.

another view

another view

May 2009:
We’ve just revisited the studios and this is what they look like now

We have also started to add sub pages to this section for you to find out more about the other people we share our space with including The Voice Studio, the outcasts and arjeea21.

10 responses to “Studios and support for artists

  1. Noelia Rios-Garcia

    I am very interested in having a place to paint in Reading, if you need to see some of my pictures (Oil) I can send them to you.
    thank you very much

  2. I chatted to some of your artists at AAf 2008 ( I was showing my paintings with the Skylark gallery Stand) I would love to be considered for a studio space when they are completed, as I am working from home at the moment and missing my previous grouo studio badly. I will definitely apply in the Summer.
    All the best

  3. Christine

    I too would love to be considered for this as I’m currently going full steam ahead with my artwork… but have completely taken over half the house! I will be in touch again in the summer…..

  4. Really good to knw that Jelly is still active and wobblin’. It had fallen off my radar and I was sorry about that. I would love to have details of the studios, for a friend who is looking for one, but for myself any info about education/workshop opportunities ( I am a printmaker with a good track-record of work in schools and the community) and also any exhibiting opportunities allied to Jelly and Gallery 10 would be great!

    Best of luck with all you are doing,


  5. thejelly

    Look forward too hearing from you Christine!

  6. thejelly

    Thanks Linda – it’s nice to see you have found us again!

    The studios will be later in the year, we will post info on here and the same with the education/workshop programme – we have a full team at the moment but please keep in touch. We are actively working on some other temporary locations whilst we wait for jelly to open so there will be a form of temporary exhibition space programme unveiled again soon. Do you come to hang-on Friday, the last Friday of each month from 4.30pm at Picnic in the Butter Market? Suzanne is normally there and other artists, it is a good opportunity to find out what else is happening in Reading

  7. Charlotte Jones

    Hi, I just stumbled across this site whilst searching for a workshop, I’ve just moved to reading after finishing a jewellery degree at university so I guess im classed as an emerging artist! I would love some more information on this!

    Many Thanks


  8. katie roe

    hi there, im an painter recently moved to the area from cornwall. i’m looking for a studio space to establish my practise here. i would like to get some more info on the studio spaces. look forward to hearing from you.


  9. hi jelly,

    i have been watching with interest whats been happening with the old school house, i see the progress from my home, i got really excited when the planning proposals came through the door saying that they were creating studio space in it.
    i’m currently a student studying in london at central saint martin’s, due to graduate in june 2010. then i’ll be studioless and would love to be considered for a studio spaces with you guys.
    apologies my website isn’t up to date at present, too busy getting ready for my degree show but it will be soon – if you go to my blog page it’ll take to you a current glimpse of my work in progress
    hope to here from you soon x

  10. sarah crawford

    Hi, im a local lampwork glass and fused glass artist and jewellery designer/maker looking for a small studio to rent and work from in the Reading area, I do some workshops in the community and would be very interested in working withing this building.
    If you would like to see some of my works please let me know and I will be happy to forward them onto you.

    many thanks
    Sarah Crawford

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