Supporting jelly

You can support jelly in many ways:

Become a volunteer
We love what we do and we started by all working for volunteers for the first 7 years of jelly’s life. We have learnt and grown from this experience and in our new home we will be offering opportunities for volunteer internships. These internships will be for 3-6 months periods and be from 1 day a week to what you can offer. You will have hands-on experience in a programme that we will develop to make sure you get the most from your experience with us. In 2009 further information will be available here on the internship programme

Donate things
One man’s junk is another’s treasure and at jelly we have made it a speciality to make something out of nothing, it is almost our calling card. We are very grateful to our regular commercial donors from Reading including John Lewis, Picnic, The View, Haslams and Reading Evening Post who donate shoe boxes, water bottles and old newspapers. We have also been lucky enough in the past to receive a small portable printing press, chicken wire, silver milk bottle tops amongst other day to day household recyclable items, you would be amazed at what we can do. If you have anything you think we might appreciate, please contact us at education[at]

Become a friend of jelly
Friends matter to us, they keep us going and we know they are out there. We like our friends to feel special and when we move we are going to make you feel extra special.
Current benefits for joining the friend scheme:
• Reduced workshop fees for art activities
• Invitations to special events and exhibitions

Become a sponsor of jelly
Sponsors have been an invaluable part of our past providing us with both financial support and support in kind. Previous support has included : sponsoring an exhibition, marketing programme development, website support, business support and workshop programme sponsorship. Sponsorship has a significant role to play in what we do, we can make your support stretch further, it can become partner funding for a large project and we can increase the value by Gift Aid. We are currently looking for some very special sponsors who will help us make the leap in to our new home, could this be you?

For further information, contact Suzanne on 0118 9507926 or via suzanne[at]

2 responses to “Supporting jelly

  1. Alice Brooke-Smith

    I am interested to know the dates of your 2009 internships. I am in my final year of a Fine Art degree at Leeds University,
    Best wishes

  2. Anne Proctor

    Suzanne came to talk to us last term. I am interested to know the dates of your 2009 internships. I am in my final year of a Fine Art degree at TVU In Reading.

    Best wishes

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