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  1. Renee

    Hi –

    I have a 6 yr old who loves drawing, doing/making up things using all kinds of materials.

    Your workshop seems quite interesting. I’d like to know more about the Jelly Arts Club – what kind of arts activities you do? what’s the feature? etc. Is there an opportunity to try out once?

    thanks much,


  2. Marianne Frank


    Thanks a lot Suzanne for letting Claire and I in. I thought your space and artist being representing looked strong. I really like your work zillahs it remins me so much of the danish artist Bjorg Wiienblad. I just been looking at the catalog of his I mentions to you. Iwill show it to you when you are back at South Hill Park after Christmas

  3. thejelly

    hello Renee
    Yes, come along and try out the jelly bean arts club – it runs every Saturday from 2.30pm for 2 hours – your 6 yr old can do pretty much what their heart desires and there is guidance on hand to help them. The after school clubs are slightly different in that there is always a set project at the beginning and generally they also are all working on their own projects. The holiday art classes are more structured with a definite project.

    The first jelly bean starts again on Saturday 8 November – hope to see you then

  4. thejelly

    hello Marianne
    It was lovely to see you too – thanks for sending us the details of the Danish Artist – it is great to make these connections and fantastic to have art chats. I’ll let Zillah know you will show her the book at SHP

  5. Suzanne Watson

    Can you tell me if you are running any children’s workshops during the Christmas holidays?
    Best wishes


  6. thejelly

    hello Suzanne
    all the workshop information is updated now until late Spring 2009 – as soon as we have confirmation on our move date we will update with the workshops after Spring 2009.

  7. James Tait

    I’m a fine art graduate really interested in beginning an internship with the gallery. I just wanted some information on how to apply and what would be involved with the scheme.
    Also i am interested in getting some studio space so any information about that would be much appreciated.

    yours sincerely

    J Tait

  8. thejelly

    Hello James
    The internship programme has not been rolled out yet but we will keep a record of your comment – hopefully the first batch of studios should be available from Autumn onwards. In a few weeks we will be updating the site with more photos as the work progresses on them

  9. Tribeni

    Hi There,
    My 4.5 year old daughter loves art and crafts.She turns 5 on Nov 15. Can she join the arts classes on Saturday afternoon or does she have to wait till she is 5?

  10. Rob

    Hi Jelly, i really like your idea of putting art up in empty shops around town, im currently looking for somewhere to exhibit my work in Reading, just wondering if you could point me in the right direction
    Many thanks,

  11. thejelly

    Hi Rob
    Good to hear from you – we will look at your website – thanks for the link

  12. Surmeet

    I am new in Reading and wanna be a part of Jelly. I am artist, a painter/sculptor and want to contribute my art to the place where I am living. How to be in touch with you?

  13. Hi,
    An artist friend suggested I contact you as I have recently become a full time artist specialising in paintings and drawings from nature (see my website for examples of my work). I thought your gallery in the Oracle was really exciting and was sad when that and the Museum outlet closed, so am looking forward to your next venture, either to shop, or if you like my work even perhaps to exhibit?!
    Best wishes

  14. Jasper


    I am just about to break up for the summer and I was wondering if you had any jobs going?

    I will happily email you a cv if you would like



  15. alabamawhirly

    hello Jasper, thanks for your message, nothing going at the moment here sadly but thanks for thinking of us!

  16. Rachel Coles


    My name in Rachel Coles, I am currently a second year student at the University of Brighton studying BA Hons History of Decorative Arts and Crafts. I’m hoping to gain some gallery eperience at home, in Reading, over the summer break and I’m very interesting in your internship programme at the Jelly Gallery but would also be happy to simply volunteer. I’ve had a lifelong interest in both historical and contemporary arts and crafts and studied GCSE and A Level Art and Design, followed by Art Foundation. I also have experience in supervising children during crafts activites. I held a position as a unit helper at a local brownie pack for four years and would be able to assist during children’s workshops or parties. I would be able to provide either personal or academic references. I’m available both weekdays and weekends from now until the beginning of september. Any opportunities, information or advice you would be able to provide would be very much appreciated.

    Kind regards, Rachel coles

  17. Hi Jelly Team

    After working 10 years as an events organiser, I have taken the big plunge and become a full time artist. I am very interested in your art space in empty shops and would also like to get involve with your team.

    Any help would be most appreciated and any help I can give I will be more than happy to assist.

    Kind regards

  18. Samuel Bromley

    Hi Jelly Team
    I am writing on behalf of a group of students including myself from TVU’s National Diploma Art and Design course regarding exhibition space. We are looking for a free or inexpensive gallery space to set up our own exhibition outside of college. We would like a flexible space for two or three days. It would be great with Jelly’s local community ethos you would be willing to support young aspiring artists and designers.

    If the Jelly is not available I was wondering if you knew of any other location in or around Reading town center

    Many thanks

    Samuel Bromley

  19. alabamawhirly

    Hello Samuel ~ jelly does not currently have a gallery space but we are working on the Open for Art programme which is a programme of window spaces used for installations – there is one going live this Friday – maybe you could have a look at that and then get back to us?

  20. Gian Paolo Doth

    I am a Brazillian artist a painter recently moved to reading.
    I would like to have the opportunity to exhibit in you gallery…
    Looking forward to hear from you,

  21. alabamawhirly

    thanks for your comment, I’m just going to send you an email… Suzanne

  22. Kirsty

    Hello Jelly Team!

    I’m contacting you on behalf of the Reading single Homeless Project (RSHP) to inquire into the availability of your premises for an art workshop for summer 2010. We want to have an exhibition of art pieces themed around issues with homelessness and a workshop that would involve children from local schools to take part in. We will obviously give you the full details at a later date, but for now we were just wondering if we would be able to use the building in Blagrave Street to host the event. As we are a charity we would appreciate the cheapest possible price! Any help would be much appreciated!

    Many Thanks,
    RSHP Team

  23. Christine Harrison

    Hi Jelly, I’ve just been looking through the Families magazine & saw your ad for half term workshops this coming February. Can you let me know more details on the children’s arts & crafts workshops please. I have 2 daughters (6 & 10 years) who would be very keen to come along one day that week. Kind regards Christine

  24. dinesh shakya

    i am dinesh shakya and i know how to make sketches and can make nepalese and tibetan arts but i need platform to show them.
    how can i get a space to show up my art ?
    looking forward to hear from you.
    thank you.

  25. hi im currently studying a BA hons fine art degree at reading uni and altho i are just finishing my first year i am looking to try and get my work out there and exhibited or in an art fare but have not managed to get very far mainly from not knowing who to contact is there any help you can give me please?

  26. Would be really grateful if you could let other people know about this residency in the Reading area

    Hope you can visit to share in the culmination of work carried out during a residency at The Turbine House Space, Reading. We will have an open day on the 5th June and would love to see you.

    Please ring 07703 182 186 or email if you want to visit outside the open days to make sure we are there to show you round

    10 May – 5 June 2010

    Hilary Kneale and Ann Rapstoff
    24 May – 5th June

    The artists continue interest in the elemental nature of water and its cycles, while responding to the Turbine House.

    Open Day Saturday 5th of June 11am – 5pm Work in progress, research, discussion and performance. The artists will be responding to the space throughout the day, and poets Lesley Saunders and Kate Noakes will be reading from their work responding to the theme of water at 3pm.

    The Turbine House Gallery, Riverside Museum of Reading, Blake’s Lock off Kenavon Drive, RG1 3DH

  27. Hi Everyone, I am a local photographer and have an idea to photograph artists at work in their studios. Possibly for a book. I’d like to get involved with jelly so you can help me make contact with local artists so I can get the project started

    I hope to hear from you soon



  28. alabamawhirly

    Hi Mark
    Maybe you’d like to put a message on the hang-on and that way you should get hold of more artists too. I’ll pass this info on as well

  29. michael parkes

    a friend of mine, and an artist(Julie Calce)linked to your gallery recommended me to you hello!!
    call me Michael “)

  30. Hello,

    Im an art student in my final year at Reading University,
    Doing a lot of work trying to engage in community art, trying to make it accessible to everyone, not just a select few.

    If there’s anything I can help with and get involved in then I would be happy too.

    Even volunteering a few days a week after my degree has finished.

    Hopefully hear from you soon,
    Thanks a lot,

    Lara Proctor

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