Peepshow, 173 Friar Street

The first Open For Art venue was launched on Friday 27 November at 173 Friar Street with an exhibition curated by Caversham artist, Bithja Moor entitled Peepshow.

Peep shows, also known as peep box or raree show (“rarity show”) trace back to ancient times and are known in various cultures. A peep show could be a wooden box with a hole or several holes, containing a set of pictures. The boxes were often decorated inside to resemble theatrical scenes.

In this installation all the family can peep through little spy holes and discover thought-provoking insights and secret worlds created by arjeea21, a group of artists based in Reading.

Exhibiting artists:
Angela Huggett Willis

Title of work: Pieced # 1

I explore identity, the domestic environment and the moments of events happening around me. This small image is one of 25 and conveys the vulnerability of exposure. Cloth’s fragility is important for me. The cutting, tearing and reassembling of material into quilt images gives me a connection to the domestic scene and is ultimately a metaphor for identity. I work in acrylic and multi media of collage, decorative pattern, colour and symbolic aspects
More info here

Bithja Moor

My artworks are images mostly from my memories of childhood and youth or memories from rather recent moments in my life which had some sort of significance or capture certain feelings and moods. Even though a lot of my work is inspired by very personal moments and events in my life the viewers can find themselves in these images and are reminded of their own feelings and experiences of past times.
All my artwork is sculpture in the sense that it is three dimensional.
I use very many different techniques and materials and like to use materials which are not obvious artists‘ materials like graph paper, polystyrene, champagne corks or cardboard boxes.

Further info here

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