pop-up jelly

Small things are happening, now and again you will bump into us and temporarily these are being given the title of pop-up jelly because that is how it will feel. This is a follow on from how we have always been, responding to empty spaces making uses of units, but these pop-up jellies will really just be that: only there for a very short and pre determined time. You will be able to find more information about these artists on their associated pages here.

The first two pop-up jellies are:
pop-up jelly 27/28

pop-up jelly 27/28

pop-up jelly 27/28

Exhibiting in pop-up jelly 27/28 (27/28 Market Place, Reading) are Kâren Jackson and Ingrid Jensen.

pop-up jelly 173

pop-up jelly 173

Exhibiting in pop-up jelly 173 (173 Friar Street, Reading) are Anne-Marie Carroll, Marje Doyle, Maria Hofstadler, Anne Proctor, Julia Rogers and Mike Taylor.

These exhibitions will run from May 22 – 5 June 09

3 responses to “pop-up jelly

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  2. It would be reat to be involved with ‘pop-up jelly’. Im an artist living and working in Oxfordshire. I paint landscapes.

    Addy Gardner

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