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Delivering artwork and the many things that are happening

Yesterday we were delivering some of the artworks back from the art fair including the works of Natasha and Misha Zavialov and Kate Lockhart and Jon Lockhart. We got round to talking about deadlines and how you work on a body of work for a show. For all of the artists The Affordable Art Fair creates a pressure point when they have to have new works to show with jelly but this isn’t all they are doing and in the pressured financial times, they are all working as they always have done on multi projects.

Tonight Jon Lockhart is presenting a Networking Event as part of the arc programme at South Hill Park, Bracknell from 5.30-7.30pm tonight. The event is free and details are available on 01344 416240. The discussion is framed around a project that Jon Lockhart is involved in and visitors will have a chance to ask a wide range of questions from the conceptual framework of the project to issues relating to funding and collaboration.

There are also two events in Reading tonight, the first is at Gallery 10 which is 10 Gun Street. This is a temporary space hosting a series of exhibitions by artists, curated by themselves. The building is being loaned to the artists by the kindly landlords of The Purple Turtle and is being looked after by Zoe Funge Smith (Rogues Gallery) and Suzanne Stallard (jelly Gallery). Altered Images is a show of four artists: Robyn Appleton, Jo Derczynska, Tina Jenkins and Anna Mitchell. The show is open daily, Mon-Sat 11am-6pm; Sun 11am-4pm, and continues until 16 November at Gallery 10 in Gun Street. Tonight is a special evening where you can meet the artists from 6-9pm.

Gallery 10, Gun Street

Gallery 10, Gun Street

Also this evening is the next arjeea21 meeting at the Jelly from 7.30pm.

arjeea21 is a new group for contemporary artists who wish to experiment with ideas, media and innovative working practices. It provides a regular forum for informal discussion and constructive criticism of work in progress, and organises exhibitions suitable for all media, including photography, video, 3D, printmaking, performance, installation, painting, drawing, textiles and conceptual work.
arjeea21 is based in Reading, UK but welcomes national and international connections and opportunities.

The main focus of the meeting will be the upcoming exhibition, Compilation, in December at Gallery 10.

Who said there was never anything happening in Reading? It wasn’t us.

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Re-hanging the show

Charlotte is moving on with her mural.

We also rehung the show for the first day, including the work of Kate Lockhart (nee Hince), recently graduated from The Royal College of Art.

The work of Jon Lockhart:

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