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Farewell to a beautiful shop window

One of our favourite windows in the Open for Art Programme is 27/28 Market Place – it’s quirky, beautiful exterior makes us smile and it really lends itself to showing handmade.

This Friday we are saying goodbye to the works of Jo Quinn and Lisa Marie Gibbs, as we will be installing a new exhibition so you only have a few days to see it in the flesh but if you can’t here is taster:


Lisa Marie Gibbs

I am inspired by the mundane, insane, gossip, beauty, love, life and all the other stuff that surrounds us. I work in a diverse way that combines my obsession with drawing, painting, hand – sewing and knitting to create pieces that you can wear or to adorn your home.

I make things that I hope will touch you in some way. I want to make things that become part of your everyday lives, but that in some way still retain those feelings of wonder, when you first saw, bought or were given them however long you have had that piece.




You can find out more about my work by taking a sneaky peek at my website www.patchworkbutterfly.co.uk






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The Sonic Tuck Shop

It’s here and it’s live

You can read about it on Felix’s blog and by the skin of our teeth we got the piece up and installed in time for Eat Reading Live

It was a glorious experience watching the piece being created in the jelly artpad, from popcorn threading, letterpressing and box assembling to actually moving the pieces down the street and watching the passer-bys. There was a sense that a new and extraordinary shop was going to open. Right now it’s just a visual treat from the street, a sound treat via felix’s blog and soon enough it will be a physical in your hands treat when the limited edition 40 books are created.


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Salvo Toscano, Open for Art

We’ve been taking down a show, The Caversham Arts Trail and putting a new one up today at 52 Station Hill as part of the Open for Art project.

Salvo Toscano

Salvo is story teller and use photography as a mean to engage the viewer in a photographic narrative. Wandering and observing happenings in the street, and generally around is fascinating and never repetitive. A picture of people passing by, going about their business, sitting on a bench or waiting for some friend tells a story. Each picture tells a story and capturing the right moment requires patience and perseverance as people move and don’t repeat their gestures.

I met Salvo through the hang-on where he approached me about his current project.
Salvo’s latest portrait project is underway and the main objective is to focus on people that dedicate themselves to activities motivated by a passion, a personal drive (could be volunteers, artists, activists, entrepreneurs etc). This work will be launched during Volunteers Week – details will be posted on Salvo’s website

Reading based Salvo is using this project to explore the people that work within the local community and delve into what possibly is an aspect of Reading that many people are not aware of, and the opportunity for the viewer to engage into a different aspect of Reading people.

Salvo is also taking part in The Whiteknights Studio Trail, which s celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year. Full information on the trail can be found here


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Otter is Here, Pete Montford

Friars Walk, Friar Street

The sight you see before you is presumed to be a result of some sort of cult ceremony that has occurred in this window. We can only speculate on the real meaning and origin of this practise but we can deduce that it involves some being known as ‘OTTER’, since the banner at the back claims, in between the shapes of the triangles, OTTER IS HERE

Pete Montford’s work explores the boundaries between what we think of as fact and fiction. Using myths, folklore, history and the imagination he creates stories and scenarios which confuse that which we usually take as the ‘normal’ and reinvents everyday life for a more exciting twist. The sentence that best sums up his idea is that made by Guy Debord around 50 years ago, which was also the main proposal for the Situationist International, ‘broaden the non-mediocre portion of life, to reduce its empty moments as much as possible’. Pete believes in the setting up of fictional scenarios in an attempt to break down what we think of ‘usual’ and ‘true’ and start developing a way of living life which embraces and even thrives on fiction. He wishes to promote a better way of life through art and fiction.

For this piece of work for the project ‘Open for Art’, Pete is going to create a climate of uncertainty for the viewer, calling upon both real and imagined realities and weaving an image that will cause both visual and conceptual intrigue.

For more info on Pete Montford, visit his site here

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Open for Art

On Friday the first venue for Open for Art was installed – you can find more info on each project and each individual artist right here.

Installation created quite a stir as people were wondering what was happening at 173 Friar Street with an exhibition curated by Caversham artist, Bithja Moor entitled Peepshow, I think they may have thought it was something else….

Peep shows, also known as peep box or raree show (“rarity show”) trace back to ancient times and are known in various cultures. A peep show could be a wooden box with a hole or several holes, containing a set of pictures. The boxes were often decorated inside to resemble theatrical scenes.

In this installation all the family can peep through little spy holes and discover thought-provoking insights and secret worlds created by arjeea21, a group of artists based in Reading.

Three more venues will be installed in the next few weeks and we will be updating information on the website to let you know where to find the pieces.

Open for Art is a partnership project between jelly and Reading UK CIC, utilising Reading’s empty shop windows with art from Reading based artists. This follows a successful pilot project in June 2009 creating pop-up galleries in Reading. Working with the landlords and agents of Reading we will be using temporary spaces, creating a visual profile for the arts and showing Reading’s individuality as a town. For further information on other Open for Art spaces please visit http://www.jelly.org.uk

This project is being supported by Cream Design, Fryer Holt, Brook Henderson, Hicks Baker and Sackville Developments (Reading) Ltd and a thank you to Ksenija Krotin, Kira Moffat and Bithja Moor for the use of the photos.

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