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A Big Thank You

setting up

Thank you everyone who came to help and who came to take part last week for the Town Centre Day – it was a very warm day and thanks especially to the hardy souls who helped lug the art materials from one end of Broad Street to the other and then at the end of the day, back again. So here’s the roll call of thanks: Porridge Lady (aka Anna Batchelor), Ingrid Jensen, Martin Stubbington, Shehnoor Ahmed (RISC), Tara Scott, Chris (New Directions), Tim Scott, Lucy Griffin (Reading Museum), Alabama Hall, Louie Hall, Ivy Schneiderman, Isla Reynolds, Maxine Doyle, Ahmed (The Oakford), Pat Lewis, Jasmine Lewis, Conrad Bullow-Weeks and Gillian Stevens.

Without you we wouldn’t have been able to make:
mask making
Animal Masks
paper boats
paper boats

drawn our way down Broad Street

made cardboard castles, taught some people to knit, recycled newspapers into bags and made paper bag puppets.

So once again thank you all

At the end of the day we felt a little like The White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter

in need of a quiet sit down and a cup of tea.


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thank yous and other things that are happening

dragonfly sculpture

dragonfly sculpture

Firstly, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone that came and helped us on Town Centre Day. Without you all, it would have been a different day, there is a short slideshow of glorious photos from the day here.

Now for the roll call of thank yous Catherine, Louie, Marta, Mateusz, Tom Br, Luke, Heather, Jim, Faz, Emma, Tom B, Bama, Jane, Natasha, Lynee, Hanne, Jesper, Lisa-Marie, Sarah, Jon, John, Daniel, Clem, Ingrid, Marje, Ivy, Max, Josh, Ksenija, Bhatia, Pat, India, Jasmie, Aran, Anne, Lucy, Cherrelle, Phil, Jack, Orrie, Andrew, Bathjia, Michael, Tania. Amanda, Ann, Jeni, Joe, Charlotte, Steve, Tom, Nick, Sara and Jo, the outcasts. Thank you all.

diorama making

diorama making

It was such a fantastic day, the outcasts were busy yarnbombing and the sun was shining. We will be doing it again next year and be looking towards a bigger art exhibition around the time so watch this space.

yarn bombing zone

yarn bombing zone

We have been catching up with things in the office, doing school days, Forbury Fever, getting ready for the next few weekends when we are out doing workshops, visiting the studios and catching up on their progress and visiting the art shows at TVU Reading and Reading Fine Art Department as well as other regional shows. The summer workshop programme is already done and a new knitting workshop for adults is listed for Autumn…. right, back to work and preparation time. See you somewhere soon.

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somethings are happening

We have had a busy week working and next week will be much the same with half term break plus the Town Centre Day but you may have noticed something happening in town.

jelly 27/28

jelly 27/28



You can find out more about these pop-up galleries right here including the artists who are taking part. The work will only be exhibited until June 5 2009 but the images and artists information will remain on here.

The exhibitions are part of our Town Centre Day programme (previous info available here).

jelly, with the help of Reading artists, will be helping anyone and everyone who wants to become an Artist for the day. To celebrate 20 years of the Children’s Festival we want to create a town full of artists and artists in the making for the day. The event is free and will take place in Town Hall Square culminating in a mass art exhibition and changing the face of Reading for the day.

The exhibition of works created on the day will take place using the railings around Town Hall Square and the John Soane monument and through the Bristol and West Arcade complemented by window exhibitions of works by some of the artists who are helping us.

All this has been made possible by the generous help and support of Reading artists, Reading people and businesses, including picnic, Cream Design, Reading UK CIC, Reading Borough Council Voluntary Sector Support Unit, Sainsbury’s, Haslams, Fryer Holt, Brook Henderson, MUSE Developments and Hicks Development Ltd.

Come along and join us on the day and help us Change the face of Reading.

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