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A preview by email

The inbox quite often holds little presents in the form of visual images, sometimes these are artists unknown to us, wanting to exhibit and sometimes they are directly responding to a request for a specific show. These emailed images are little tasters and make the anticipation of seeing the work in the flesh even more tangible.

Tomorrow will be another day of artwork collection – this is a really privileged opportunity, to enter into artists’ studios, look at the work, talk to them, pick up the works and be the guardians of the work and their access to an audience.

All of the artists we take to the Affordable Art Fair. have had long relationships with jelly in all different guises and tomorrow is the day of collecting Zillah Puri’s pieces. Zillah used to be Applied Art Curator at jelly and started working with us in 1998 and currently she is Artist in Residence at South Hill Park

shrine to hope, Zillah Puri

shrine to hope, Zillah Puri

Zillah Puri’s ceramic sculptures are ‘Shrines’ to people, places and ideas. The hand-built figurative pieces contain secret shelves in which personal mementos can be placed. Inspired by religious Icons and ancient folklore Zillah’s work always contains a narrative.

Shrine to Nonno, Zillah Puri

image: Shrine to Nonno, Zillah Puri

This piece above is a piece for her Nonna, the image inside that is bound with red thread is that of her mother and grandmother and references the idea that you are bound to your future life before your life even started by this unseen thread.


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