Open for Art Exhibition listings

Peep Show

Caversham Arts Trail
29 Apr 10 – 19 May 10
52 Station Hill
Curator: Lauren Denney
Artists: Lauren Denney, Mary Phelan, Peter Quarmby, Arleen Wild
Further details: Caversham Arts Trail or here on jelly

Natasha Zavialov
28 Apr 10 –
173 Friar Street

Otter is Here
16 Apr 10 – 28 June 10
Friars Walk
artist: Pete Montford
Further Details: at jelly or at Pete Montford

Space 36
25 March 10 – 1st April 10
36 Market Place
2nd year FdA Fine Art and Art in Practice students, TVU

Space 36
18 Mar 10 – 25 Mar 10
36 Market Place
Curated and made by first year TVU students on the Art in Practice FdA.

Pass it On
1 Mar 10 – 6 Mar 10
36 Market Place
Curator: Charlotte Broomfield-Payne
Artists: Charlotte Broomfield-Payne, Alana Francis, Flo Goodwin, Katie Grosvenor, Emily Hatcher, Holly Hewitt, Brdie Hindle, Janay Laudat, Omer Linenberg, Jess Linn, Sukhwinder (Polly) Heer

The Big Swap
1 Mar 10 – 27 Apr 10
173 Friar Street
Curator: Shehnoor Ahmed
Further details: here on jelly or at RISC

Magic Carpet
2 Feb 10 – 29 Apr
52 Station Hill
Magic Carpet is the travelling exhibition programme linked to Reading Guild of Artists 80th Annual exhibition Eighty!
1: Jean Olman, Julie Simmonds
2: Clare Buchta, Elizabeth Heydeman, Anne Viner, Clive Williams, Anita Zolas
3: Gillian Cheesman, Anthony Wilder, Maureen Hayward, Rita Howe, Carole Stephens, Sheila Watt
4: Gordana Naslas, Pauline Twyman, Ahmed Mahmod
Further details: RGA website

Nicholas Barton
18 Jan 10 – 12 Apr 10
Friars Walk
Further Details: at jelly

Peep Show
28 Nov 09 – 15 Feb 10
173 Friar Street
Curator: Bithja Moor
Further Details: arjeea21 or at jelly

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